Oh La La! From Paris with Love

“La vie est faite de petits bonheurs”

Last year I had the amazing experience of traveling once again to the beautiful city of romance, my beautiful Paris. Exactly 15 years after my first trip I went back as a surprise gift from my husband who knew the only thing I wanted for my 30th birthday was to head back to the city that stole my heart. And so for my birthday I headed back to the place where I am sure I will live for many months in the next few years.

Paris is well, Paris… there is truly nothing like it for me. The beauty, the history, the architecture, the people…the Magic. I am truly in awe everytime I go back.

So I wanted to share some images from our trip so you can share in some of the beauty with me.

p.s: do you spy a bit of Belgium?

-Vanessa Velez