One of the most fulfilling parts of my life is our Tuesday’s Together Fort Lauderdale Chapter. I have been leading our group for more than a year now and I can honestly say that it is something that fills my soul up in a way I couldn’t explain with simple words.

When I packed my bags and embarked on a new journey, a new hometown and a new life with my family, I was scared. I was leaving behind dear friends and family to come to Miami, a place where I only knew about 3 people. One of them was my best friend Soco, so it gave me comfort that at least I had someone close that would be there to support me on days I might feel alone. And so it was, after about a year living in Miami, The Rising Tide Society was created and Tuesday’s Together where founded across the US, the movement was extraordinary and spoke to me in so many ways, so I quickly looked up to see if we had a chapter close to me and found the Fort Lauderdale group, it was still a small group with around 20 members but I was excited to meet new people and attend their first meeting. As all things in life, the leader of the group had a life change and moved to another state so she asked if anyone was up for taking over the group, that was still new. I saw this but I didn’t really think with the current time I had, that I could take over. Well about a day after my best friend mentioned it to me and said, you should do it! I think it would be great and we can start meeting new people and making friends. At this point we where both feeling pretty lonely since we had no real industry friends in the area. You can figure what happened next, I decided to somehow make it work and I applied to become the leader, I went through the questionnaire, filled out all of the information and waited until one day, about a month after I received the news. I was the brand new leader of the Fort Lauderdale chapter and I would have my first meeting in a few weeks!

I can tell you, I was scared, sooooo scared. Most people wouldn’t think this but I am an introvert at heart. I am not the type of person that would walk up to you and start talking. I am more of the, talk to me and then I will talk on and on. lol

So I planned my first meeting and ten of us got together and met for two hours.


I can tell you this experience has been life changing on so many levels. We have grown, we have made true friends and we have connected on a level that is mind blowing. Last September we had our anniversary party and you can see how we have grown.


These group of people are part of my heart, they are encouragers, fighters, hustlers and they are changing the Fort Lauderdale/Miami industry. They are demonstrating that we are more than just entrepreneurs, we are a community willing to help each other whenever it is needed. Thank You, every single one of you for being a part of this movement and for truly embracing “community over competition”. For breaking the glass ceiling with the growing roots of passion and dedication. We are stronger together and we are better as one.

Today we received the great news that our collaborative shoot we did in April was published at the Rising Tide Blog and I wanted to share this shoot with you all because it was one of the best days we have shared as a group and it makes me emotional. Working hard is always worth it. Feature: http://www.risingtidesociety.com/tuesdaystogether-styled-shoot-fort-lauderdale/

Images I took during the day ❤ shot on film {portra & fuji}


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